Value Creation in the Digital Aerospace and Defense Network

Inspire and shape a digital world that reinvents A&D products, services, and core processes

Over 3.7 billion passengers will fly this year, and the numbers continue to grow. Boeing forecasts that, within the next 20 years, over 38,000 new airplanes are needed to accommodate passengers and cargo. Passengers expect more for less from airlines. Consequently, costs per ticket are expected to decline and on-time statistics to increase. These expectations are passed onto the airplane and engine manufacturers to constantly innovate, reduce operational costs, and increase the uptimes of airlines.

Aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers have improved and redesigned their products to enhance performance and reduce fuel costs. In addition to advanced composites which dramatically reduce the weight of the aircraft, software is playing an increasingly critical role in manufacturing, managing, and flying the airplane more efficiently.

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