Understanding Connected Car Testing

As the automotive industry cruises towards Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles and thus the integration of communications technology, test and measurement becomes a critical component in the journey.

Anritsu’s comprehensive guide covers the range of wireless technologies, standards and networks for automotive applications and provides expertise on the testing of these technologies for connected cars.

The guide is conveniently divided into four sections:

  • Wireless Connectivity (LTE/2G/3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Broadcast)
  • In-Board Safety and Driver Aids (GNSS, eCall, ERA-GLONASS, TPMS, FMCS, RKE)
  • In-Vehicle Networks (Ethernet, CAN, Optical fiber & RF cables, Connectors)
  • Intelligent Transport System (V2V/C2C, V2X/C2X, V2I/C2I, 802.11p, DSRC/WAVE)

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