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Strategies for Smart City Success

The smart cities marketplace is poised to be a trillion-dollar market, but achieving an ROI for even a single project can be a challenge. This guide highlights the way forward.

Smart cities have the potential to make considerable improvements to the quality of life of those living in them, but making a city smart can also be extremely difficult.

Some of the world’s most ambitious, smart city projects struggle to lure residents. And cities that are the most advanced in the world at deploying Internet of Things technology to improve efficiency and the quality of life of its residents are still in the early stages of execution.

We spoke with experts to get their unique perspective on smart cities. We also point out some of the most common stumbling blocks and share hard-won advice about overcoming them.

In this report we:

  • Take a look at the factors needed to make a municipality a smart city from having a comprehensive, realistic vision to the importance of public-private partnerships and everything in between.
  • Discuss using technology to tackle traffic, whether it’s upgrading timer-based traffic lights capable of leveraging AI to self-optimize over time or the big promises surrounding autonomous vehicles.
  • Identify promising smart city projects across the globe while highlighting 25 trailblazing smart city pioneers.

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