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Real IOT Webinar 4

IoT Security – Your Checklist for Success

Last of 4 in the Real IoT Webinar Series hosted by IoT Institute, featuring Cisco Jasper & ABI Research

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Thursday, February 23, 11am EDT/8am PDT On-demand Free


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IoT Institute    


The Internet of Things holds enormous promise for your business, but if you’re like most, you still have concerns about security. How can you be sure that the IoT solutions you select will enable you to guarantee the security of your business and your customers?

Like security in any other industry, there is no single vendor responsible for securing IoT. Rather, it takes an entire ecosystem of solutions providers working together and playing their part to ensure end-to-end security across the device, data transport, network, and application layers.

Watch on-demand for an in-depth education on the IoT security ecosystem. ABI Research analyst Michela Menting and Cisco Jasper’s Sanjay Khatri will provide you with a clear checklist that will enable you to make an informed decision about your company’s IoT security. This checklist will include guidance on what to consider at all stages, including:

  • Risk assessment & management
  • Security at the design stage, including:
    • Hardware considerations
    • Application development
  • Pre-market security testing/auditing best practices
  • Post-market considerations, including:
    • Lifecycle management
    • Monitoring, updating & patching

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This is the final Webinar in the series Real IoT: Turning the Promise of IoT into Meaningful Business Outcomes. Don’t miss out; visit the series registration page.