The 10 Biggest IoT Security Vulnerabilities

Securing your IoT device doesn't have to be overly difficult.

“Wake up baby!” screamed a man’s gruff voice through a baby monitor. An infant, who had been soundly sleeping a few feet away, stirred and started to cry. “I’m watching you!” yelled the man, who had managed to gain access to the monitor to be able to both see the baby, and communicate with the infant.

Stories like this are becoming more commonplace as the market for connected products booms, opening up new possibilities for unauthorized access to such devices.

But this is just one example of an IoT security breach. There’s the risk of everything from hacked cars, hacked power plants, hacked smart fridges, and, well, you get the picture.

The types of IoT security risks, however, are straightforward. The Open Web Application Security Project came up with a comprehensive list of Internet of Things security vulnerabilities that every IoT developer should take to heart.


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