The Internet of Things is beginning to gain traction among industry professionals. iStock / Nongkran_ch

Infographic: 2016 IoT Trends Survey

This spring, the IoT Institute surveyed a broad-based list of 996 business and government officials to understand their thoughts on the Internet of Things. Here's what we found:

Despite the significant amount of attention given to the Internet of Things, the level of familiarity among industry and government professionals is uneven, according to a 2016 Penton survey. 9% of respondents stated that they were extremely familiar with the technology, while 19% reported that they had never heard of the Internet of Things. Despite that unevenness, there seems to be significant interest in the technology. A full 71% reported that they are interested in learning more about how IoT technology could benefit their organization. These are just a couple of the highlights from our survey that are presented in our infographic:

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