4 Ways IoT Is Changing the World: Case Studies from Visa, Airbus, Bosch, and SNCF

These four companies are embracing IoT technologies to transform their business.

While the term Internet of Things has certainly been hyped, the technology is already proving to be revolutionary. Just consider the impact it has already had on communications, education, manufacturing, science, business, and many other fields. Executives are also upbeat about its potential: 70% agree that it will have anywhere from a moderate to major economic impact on their company in the next three years, according to research from BPI Network. 

After attending IBM's Genius of Things Summit as a Futurist by Watson IoT and WIRED Insider, I got a glimpse of IoT's potential in the form of four case studies, which I wrote about at length on LinkedIn and summarize in this slideshow, which could play their own role in changing the world:  

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