3 Uses of a Solar-Powered IoT Security System

Fremont, CA–based V5 Systems is seeing a growing interest in its portable security systems.

In June, we covered a solar-powered IoT-enabled security camera that could also be used to detect gunshots and gas leaks. The winner of Dell’s “Connect What Matters” Internet of Things Contest, the V5 Systems technology makes use of edge-computing technology. V5's Portable Edge Computing Unit can analyze data and communicate using Wi-Fi or cellular signals.

The technology is gaining ground for a range of security applications. 

Because V5 Systems’ technology is solar powered, it can be deployed in practically any outdoor location. This capability also opens up an array or applications for niches including government and military, school grounds, the oil and gas industry, and for agricultural applications.

The technology is gaining ground for a for a variety of applications, including everything from video surveillance for law enforcement to industrial monitoring. Here, we highlight a few of the examples of the technology in use in Northern California.

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