2017 Salary Guide: IoT’s Captains, Data Stars, Security Pros, Developers -- and What They Make

Internet of Things initiatives require hard-to-find and costly technical skills and leadership. Newly released 2017 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide is chock full of IoT-related jobs boasting some of the biggest salary gains.

Quick, why can’t B2B companies launch Internet of Things initiatives? You’re probably thinking security and privacy, or maybe legacy tech isn’t up to snuff. But the dirty little secret of IoT is a lack of technical skills. 

“IoT will certainly add to the demand for skilled professionals as organizations move forward with these and other cutting-edge advancements,” says John Reed, senior executive director for Robert Half Technology. “The move toward these initiatives will call for additional developers, security and data professionals and desktop support talent in order to develop, manage security and analyze the data coming in.”

These skills come in short supply, which means they demand hefty salaries. We’ve cherry-picked 20 jobs with an IoT spin in the new 2017 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide. (You can download the full guide here.)

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