10 of the Hottest IoT Skills

There is a steady uptick in job postings related to the Internet of Things.

As the Internet of Things goes mainstream, the words “Internet of Things” or “IoT” are appearing in a growing number of job profiles. Recently, Mike Quindazzi, managing director at PwC, took at look at the trend with a clever use of publicly available data. He discovered that the top 10 Internet of Things employers showed employee profile counts on LinkedIn up 23% in just the last six months alone. Quindazzi notes that while the outright number of jobs posted on LinkedIn is an imperfect indicator of employment, the self-reported increase in profiles does directionally indicate that more employees working in IoT space.

A further look showed both a combination of new hiring and re-branding contributed to the 23% uptick, while the roles were spread across many functions including IT, consulting, accounting, operations, customer service, marketing and sales.

The following slideshow presents 10 of the most in-demand IoT-related skills—predominantly in the IT realm. The list draws from data on IoT-related job listings on indeed.com and from the Upwork freelancing platform.  

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