You should do your homework when shopping for IoT vendors. iStock / Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Why You Should Do Your Homework on IoT Providers

In this interview, Ben Strahan, Head of Developer Relations at says that the biggest problem in the IoT space is the choice between providers. He recommends doing thorough research to avoid costly matchmaking mistakes.

Please describe a recent IoT project you have worked on or have observed that was substantially better, faster, smarter or more efficient than an older technology?

I made an end-to-end asset tracker with a real-time dashboard for less that $80 and pennies per month. I also made an IoT button which cost $3 instead of $20 or more. I am working on a home security system that looks nice, is full-featured, and costs pennies per month to maintain.

What do you see as the biggest potential of the Internet of Things?

Micro and wireless sensors in a commercial setting communicating with the cloud through a local mesh network through an IoT gateway.

What do you see as the biggest problems involving IoT deployments at large?

There is too much choice of providers and, if you make a wrong initial choice, then it is costly and hard to change. Many enterprises might wait until the dust settles before investing in a solution and picking partners.

What kind of policy changes or societal shifts do you think are needed for the Internet of Things?

People need to understand privacy will change forever. What does that mean for our future? What are some ways future tech can improve life and what are the dangers of abuse?

What is your advice to other industry professionals looking to deploy an IoT solution?

Hack and try all the providers. Your decision must be an educated one—not based just on what a salesperson says. Demo, build, and deploy prototypes on all different vendors.


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