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Real IOT Webinar 1

Business-Ready IoT: Strategies to Bridge the Gap from POC to Profit Today

1st of 4 in the Real IoT Webinar Series hosted by IoT Institute, featuring Cisco Jasper & ABI Research

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Thursday, October 27, 11am EDT/8am PDT On-demand Webinar Free


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IoT Institute    



Are you struggling to turn the promise of IoT into bottom line results for your business? Well you’re not alone. According to data gathered by ABI Research, approximately 60% of enterprises plan to pursue IoT in the next 5 years, but only 26% are implementing solutions today. Pundits agree that IoT is next revolution in business, separating industry leaders from the also-rans. So what’s everyone waiting for?

The reality is that not everyone is waiting. Thousands of companies are using IoT right now to transform their businesses and gain a competitive edge. And the results apply across all industries, worldwide. From increasing net profits for an auto maker by $350M over three years to enabling a manufacturer to reduce factory floor downtime by 11% - the benefits of IoT are real and the impact material.

Want to know what it takes to achieve first mover results like these for your business? Analyst Dan Shey of ABI Research and Theresa Bui, Head of Enterprise Product Marketing at Cisco Jasper examine the key factors common to these success stories, and break them down into best practices you can use to build your own IoT strategy. Let us teach you the secrets to:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Unlock new business models, revenue sources and economic value
  • Deliver new experiences that add value to your customers

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This is the first of four webinars in the series Real IoT: Turning the Promise of IoT into Meaningful Business Outcomes. Don't miss out; visit the series registration page