The 5 Point Plan for IoT Recruitment

Companies involved in the IoT recruiting rush need a targeted checklist. Here are the skills the best candidates will share.

Who is scooping up the most IoT talent? Obvious candidates include big tech firms like IBM and Cisco, but, increasingly, a growing number of companies are joining the IoT hiring frenzy.

Despite the demand for IoT candidates, it’s quite challenging to nail down the skills that an IOT recruit will need. Of course, many of these are industry-specific or specifically outward-facing (such as customer experience or wearables) or inward-facing (M2M connectivity that extends out to others in the supply chain but stops at the customer service portal). As I place people in this brave new world, I’ve come up with a five-point plan so that you can not only use these traits to make your next hire—but to make sure the next hire fits with your culture and IoT strategy. 

Bill specializes in IoT recruitment, he’s spent the last 20 years in executive search helping candidates and hiring managers in the software and professional services industry. His website is

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