Predictive maintenance is one of the most popular applications of the IIoT. Thinkstock

What Is Holding Back the Next Industrial Revolution?

A recent Twitter chat hosted by the IoT Institute takes a look at the promises of the IIoT and analyzes what is holding back implementation of the technology.

We seem to already be in the midst of the next industrial revolution but there is still a gap between the vision of the IIoT and the reality. According to a recent survey from IndustryWeek, GE Digital, and the Industrial Internet Consortium, 82% of industrial professionals are convinced that the IIoT is vital to their firms' survival but only a quarter of participants stated they had a clear IIoT strategy. Part of the reason for the disconnect is that manufacturing production leaders are afraid of giving up control, says IndustryWeek Editor-in-Chief Patricia Panchak in a recent Twitter chat. Data security and data privacy concerns are among the other key hurdles. To learn more about this disconnect and the potential of the IIoT, check out a highlights from our recent Twitter chat dedicated to the topic:
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