Been There, Done That: How Manufacturers Are Achieving Success with the IIoT

When it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 63% of manufacturers today are reporting that they are moving beyond the conceptual and planning stages to execution. But what is the best path to implement an IIoT strategy?

Read this newly released study, done with Internet of Things Institute and PTC, and learn about best practices from companies that have already successfully implemented IIoT, including:

  • The diverse set of IIoT stakeholders – from technical experts to internal champions -- that are recommended
  • What to consider when starting – from defining a use case, to getting executive buy in, to starting small and scaling fast
  • How to adopt effective strategies to manage real and perceived challenges including security, data integrity and privacy

Download the full research study to discover first-hand insights and best practices from more than sixty global manufacturing companies that are leveraging IIoT technology and achieving success.

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