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Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge Now Generally Available

New release includes several updates; plus, IIC launches smart printing factory testbed, drones to replace annual Fourth of July fireworks; and more news.

Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge is now generally available, and the release includes several updates, according to a Microsoft blog. Among the enhancements is support for provisioning devices already in the field, managing security and easing upgrades. Additional enhancements include more certified hardware options and pre-built edge modules, as well as well as support for a broad range of programming languages, including C#, C, Node.js, Python and Java. In its blog, Microsoft highlights how the product is being leveraged in use cases that span predictive maintenance, to precision farming with drones.

Atos to deploy Connected Cooler Solution for Coca-Cola HBC

French IT services firm Atos will work with Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) to deploy its Connected Cooler program. Coca-Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers with operations in 28 countries in Europe, Russia and Nigeria, serving approximately 595 million consumers, according to a press release. With the Atos Codex Connected Cooler solution, the company will collect point-of-sale data, including in-store cooler placement and availability, temperature, stock-level, product placement, customer behavior and trends. The smart coolers also enable “proximity interaction” with the use of mobile apps helping Coca-Cola HBC engage with customers in real time by sending customized offers and near-me promotions. The first 300,000 coolers are expected to be connected by the end of 2018, according to a press release.

China to Lead IIoT, According to GSMA

China is poised to not only become the world’s leader in deploying IIoT solutions, but also to benefit from enormous economies of scale, according to a new GSMA report, “How Greater China is Set to Lead the Global Industrial IoT Market.” “As the producer, supplier and end user of many of the world’s IoT-related sensors and devices, China is in the early stages of this latest industrial transformation,” according to the report. Coverage on Stacey on IoT details the report’s focus on China’s use of cellular NB-IoT connectivity, pointing out that Chinese operators are using NB-IoT for smart cities, as well as industrial and some smart home applications.

IIC Launches Smart Printing Factory Testbed

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced its Smart Printing Factory Testbed this week. Led by Fujifilm, which will host the testbed at its site, and supported by IIC members Fujitsu, IBM, RTI and Toshiba, the testbed automates print production and predictive maintenance for factory-based printing equipment. It collects job status, machine condition and production-quality data for factory-based printing equipment using integrated sensors, according to a press release. It then delivers optimized production and predictive maintenance plans, according to a press release. Users can monitor and control printing equipment through a secure IT/OT management console. For legacy printing facilities without digital devices, sensors can be attached to send, store and analyze data.  

Reliance to Acquire Radisys

Aiming to boost it’s 5G and IoT capabilities, India’s Reliance Industries will acquire Hillsboro, Oregon-based Radisys for $67.82 million, according to coverage in SDxCentral. Hillsboro, Oregon-based Radisys has nearly 600 employees with an engineering team based out of Bangalore, India, and provides hardware, software and services that enable the migration to next-generation networks, according to the coverage.

‘Cause Baby You’re a Drone

Drones will replace annual Fourth of July fireworks shows in several communities across the country this week, especially in places wary of wildfires. For example, Travis Air Force Base, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is partnering with Intel to feature the “Shooting Star Drones,” in which both Intel hardware and software work together to choreograph an entire light show with hundreds of drones and a single operator.

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